Monday, April 4, 2016

America: Voting by not being elligible to vote

Consider the following link: Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Conservative Group’s ‘One Person, One Vote’ Argument

So it turns out, when Democrats flood America with illegals, they are giving their inner-city a voting power greater than well-to-do suburban or rural eligible voters. Simply, those who can't vote, give more electoral power by district drafting. The immigration issue is more complicated than one might think. Your opinion doesn't matter, your speech doesn't matter - it's the number of folks illegally residing in the big city in your state who matter - and the default vote of those eligible to cast a vote - driven by buses, or having their ballot filled out for them in advance through early voting mechanisms and "get out the vote" schemes, those decide how states vote in the general election for presidency. The supreme court just gave this situation a Kosher stamp - unanimously. Think it's time to get this house in order and properly control immigration?

I'm speaking as a legal immigrant here. It is extremely difficult and expensive to go through what me and my family went through to live and work here legally, however - it's too easy to do it the wrong way, and stay, and have your presence influence elections, as described above.

Friday, February 27, 2015

IRS scandal evolved, missing emails found, collusion to delete identified, FBI didn't request IT to produce tapes

This is the hill the GOP should fight on until Obama is gone. There are serious high crimes and misdemeanors involved here - and Obama's hands are certainly dirty. The country should shut down until a special prosecutor is appointed.

You seriously won’t believe this INSANE email from Lois Lerner just released…

The Lois Lerner IRS targeting scandal has enraged many conservatives while the Democrats continue to pretend there was nothing to get angry about. But a newly released email points to exactly what conservatives accused the IRS of – purposely hiding and destroying evidence:

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Can we survive the remaining 2 years? Crappy headlines roundup

I don't blog much any more, I think the disastrous nature of current affair is affecting my mood. Go figure. Anyways - saw these articles in consecutive order and was just feeling overwhelmed, had to share:

* IRS Offers Extra Money to Illegal Aliens

* CONGRATULATIONS, TEXAS: Valerie Jarrett Working Behind the Scenes to Cede Your State to Mexico

Personal note: I'm an immigrant. I think the system is broken. It took me 9 years through legal channels to get my green card. I understand why people want to immigrate, and how it is almost impossible for most to do it legally. That being said - the way the system was broken, as by allowing lawless flow of people through the border, then funding and supporting those who arrive illegally, to the extent where states like California were totally transformed and function as a social welfare state for those who never participated in the economy or were entitled to enjoy this country's riches. That is a sure way to reach anarchy and bankruptcy. I oppose this insanity as I wish for my fellow legal immigrant and American citizens hope and prosperity and for the life of me can't figure out what kind of villain would deliberately destroy the country he and his family live in. How should the system be fixed? In my opinion, simple:
* Secure the border
* Deport all current illegal folks with criminal past
* Deny social benefits to those who don't posses legal status
* The only amnesty should be offered to those who are here illegally and are willing to go back and get in line
* There should be a proper guest worker program for the people of Mexico and South America, one which allows flow of low wage workers for a limited amount of time, and allows proper review of people's background. It is borderline racism the way the current system treats people of south American versus people of Canada.
* English should be the official language through-out continental USA and any step in immigration process should require basic level of control of the language.
* All those who have connections to terror groups, gangs, drugs, prostitution, mob, communists, racist ethnocentric revolutionaries (La Raza), Nazis, radical religious ideologies (Muslim Brotherhood in particular) should be denied entrance and residency.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Days of Ebola

The Obama admin disaster rolls on and every day brings in a whole new catastrophe. Seriously - time to open those nuke bomb shelters and wait for the Obama fall-out to clear. In the meanwhile - us peasants will continue to strive for survival in this apocalyptic insanity that Obama brings upon us.

* They blame the GOP
* But won't stop Ebola from flying into the USA
* While dispensing bad advice
* And blame America for Liberia's Ebola
* Meanwhile the market is crashing
* And the open borders madness of Obama is causing yet another epidemic here
* So which will come first? ISIS beheaders at your local food market (workplace violence) or the Ebola death?
* Good thing we are sending our brave men to catch Ebola too, right? Soldiers won't squash ISIS, but catch Ebola instead.

This is really - really depressing. When you live in a nation of morons, who vote in a do-nothing, know-nothing, sir Golf-A-Lot the brave - this is what we get. And it is just terrible!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Video: That awkward moment, when you realize you face an audience of anti-Semites...

Bravo to Senator Ted Cruze, for showing courage and integrity while facing a crowd of people who show their hatred to Jews while he was speaking.

Video source:New Video: Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage By Middle Eastern Christians!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Video: Collection of clips regarding IRS scandal, lost emails, destruction of evidence etc

I say, fire everyone from IRS, put their top honchos in the slammer, and put every swinging Richard from WH be their bed fellow in jail. OK, stop dreaming of a functioning republic where laws are respected, back to reality of King Obama and his reign of tyranny:

Gretta interview with Issa from yesterday 6/19 on foxnews:

Jay Sekulow, lawyer for victims of IRS/Lerner/Obama on civil suit, crimes etc :

Uber-douche IRS commissioner Koskinen lying under oath to Rep. Kevin Brady:

Paul Ryan tells IRS douche no one believes him. Notice piece of filth Cummings trying his best to interject, though his mike is off. Talk about a piece of scum who deserves to dwell in prison with the rest of the conspirators.

Also note, the evidence was erased 10 days after inquiry into these IRS crimes began.

Oh yea - and IRS commissioner states e-mail aren't official record, so STFU to congress, except it is and he is a criminal.

Final video: No one is more outraged than the main criminal saying not a smidgeon of corruption.

He isn't a crook. He is a tyrant. A conspirator. A liar. A criminal.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Obama administration daily catastrophe

How do you misdirect the public from your massive daily failure? Fail harder and in a more spectacular way the next day. Working hard on failing and delivering a disaster which we will forget tomorrow because of a new unimaginable disaster.

You know what's wrong with the Obama administration? Well, EVERYTHING!

ISIS Captures Iraqi Soldiers, Institutes Sharia Law, Flogs Prisoners in Public Square (Photos)

Captured American equipment at Al-Qaeda hands